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Dr Ben Brown

Wythenshawe Hospital

South Manchester

M23 9LT


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Alexandra Hospital

Mill Lane




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Alexandra hospital

0161 4957000

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tel:0161 6965293


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0161 29132528


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Outpatient appointments Tuesday from 2pm Alexandra hospital, Cheadle



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Now you can surf the Internet to find out all about our practice and the latest medical developments.

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Know your heart

It can often be helpful to understand more about your heart condition to help you make the right decisions about your treatment.  The following pages will provide information about the normal electics of the heart in addition to information about abnormal heart rhythms and the symptoms they cause.

Normal heart rhythm

The heart is an incredible organ with an average rate of 72 bpm for men (more for women) thats 4320 per hour and over a lifetime around 2500 million.


The heart has its own pacemaker (SA or sinoatrial node) that starts the heart beat off.  The beat spreads across the top chambers of the heart (atria) and reaches the junction box in the middle of the heart (AV node).  This acts as a regulator preventing fast and dangerous beats from reaching the bottom chambers (ventricles).  From the AV node specialised strands of heart tissue (bundle branches and Perkinje tissue) spread the beat across the ventricles ejecting blood from the heart.  The electrics then reset themselves ready to start again from the top.

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